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The Migrant Federation Support Functions for Minorities & Multiple Cultures caters to both organizations and individuals of the cause. To learn more about our services and benefits, kindly see the following:

Migrant Organizations in North Holland

The website Multiculture North-Holland wants to provide as complete and up-to-date as possible an overview of migrant organizations in North Holland. This website is a free publicity tool to raise awareness of the existence and activities of migrant organizations:

We have set up this website and maintain it to increase the awareness and accessibility of migrant organizations. We do this because we are convinced that self-organizations can make an important contribution to the creation of a multicultural North-Holland.

The information provided about the self-organizations is provided by themselves. We are therefore not liable for any imperfections or errors in the content of this data. Migrant organizations can register for free.

Successful Projects

If you want to get a better idea of ​​what a migrant organization (also called self-organization) actually is, you can take the different descriptions found in our site. We cater to different migrant organizations in North Holland. Each has its own functions and other important information. 

After a brief introduction of each organization, a description of a successful project follows, which can serve as an example for others.

A consolation for starting organizations: of course, even with these “successful” organizations, everything does not always run smoothly, but hopefully they are a source of inspiration for you.

Support Functions for Minorities in North Holland

The core task of these support institutions is to strengthen the multicultural society. An important aspect of this is the integration and participation of ethnic minorities. 

The strength of the institutions lies in its knowledge of multicultural issues and integration processes. Both immigrants and natives are explicitly involved in this process.

The support functions develop projects, provide advice, conduct research, provide training and supervise inter-culturalization processes. They carry out work for the province of Noord-Holland and for municipalities, institutions, and companies.


Training and Coaching

The support function institutions in Multiculture North-Holland are starting with a new series of training courses, in which two board members can participate per organization. 

The training courses are free. It consists of four meetings and tackles several important issues in hosting and operating an organization. It talks about the preparation of projects and the approach of funds, among others.

To know exactly where and when these training sessions are given, it is best to contact us. Our training classes are done in different settings on specified dates. If you wish to reserve a slot, please feel free to arrange a reservation today. 

Besides our collective training courses, you can also opt to avail our consultation or one-on-one coaching. This means that a trainer or consultant comes to visit your organization and thinks along with you how your organization can organize itself better. 

You can discuss any questions or problems you encounter with the ‘coach’ on the spot. He or she will work with you proactively. You can share your problems and challenges in building your organization and they’ll help you find suitable, long-term solutions.