Here’s How You Can Help the Minorities in Your Community

Here’s How You Can Help the Minorities in Your Community

People are migrating to places they believe is good for them. It is common to hear people coming from less thriving countries seeking for better opportunities and life-long rewards in richer and more successful countries. Other individuals, however, migrate to humble lands for inner peace and simplicity of lifestyle.

Whatever the case is, it is important to remember that these migrants are faced with lots of struggles in a foreign land. Prejudices and discrimination are very rampant in society these days. Foreigners often get raised eyebrows from the locals, especially when they’re in hostile territories.

If you know a migrant, you can attest their first-hand experiences as they struggle to fit in new landscapes and harsh societies. To help them deal with the transition and keep them comfortable, below are ways you can help:

  • Provide linguistic support:

English might be the universal language, but not all people are fluent in it. One concern of migrants is the communication barrier. It takes time to understand and learn to speak the local’s language. 

What you can do, however, is to provide linguistic support. Offer tutor and translation services where they can slowly learn and speak your native tongue. It is also ideal to learn from the locals directly so they can observe and follow the accents, tonation, and other basic language specifics.

You can also consider finding useful materials where they can learn from. Learning resources like movies and podcasts give additional support while trying to learn a new language.

  • Celebrate multicultural days:

Other cultures are filled with tons of exciting events and celebrations. These could be traditional holidays, name days, and regional festivities.  

You can join them to show your support. It’s also a great way to learn their traditions, respect their culture, and understand their background even more. This way, you become more capable of helping minorities.

If you can, try to introduce a yearly Multicultural Festival. You can raise awareness of embracing the minority’s varied culture and show the community the beauty of learning and understanding the differences.

  • Support religious and spiritual beliefs.

There are countries that take their religious and spiritual beliefs seriously. Although you can find most of them in Asian countries, other European groups like in Rome show profound adoration and respect to their religion.

If you’re coming from a community that shows little to no interest in this section, you might think it’s odd praising and believing in unearthly beings. Heck, you might think they’re too fictitious and imaginative. But if that’s a part of their culture, remember not to laugh it off. Respect it and show your support, even if you don’t personally believe in images and higher beings.